Scrambled Pizza

What is Scrambled Pizza? Scrambled Pizza is a lightweight java program that provides a novel way of dealing with image safety - one that gives the user control. This program takes normal, everyday image files and encrypts them using a password. These encrypted files are still just like any other image, with the exception that they appear to be nothing but static. If the user puts an encrypted image back into the program, however, they can easily decrypt it using the same password, returning it to its original status.

Scrambled Pizza in Action

Image encryption? Hasn't that been done already? Yes, but never before on this kind of scale. Image encryption is something that few people actually see happen; they trust that large companies or databases will do it for them. This leads to issues when company security is compromised, such as the iCloud photo leaks from fall 2014 - users think their data is safe in the hands of large corporations, but when those databases get compromised, we find out how vulnerable we really are. On top of that, the U.S. government, along with the governments of many other nations, is continually pushing legislation that removes the right to electronic privacy. It doesn't matter how safe Facebook keeps your photos; if the U.S. government tells them to hand over everything they have on you, they're going to do it.

So how does Scrambled Pizza help? Scrambled pizza lets users encrypt their images on their own terms - the only person who ever has to know your password is you, and you decide what level of encryption you want to utilize. Furthermore, whereas most image encryption requires you to upload the image file, resulting in vulnerabilities as the information travels through your network, Scrambled Pizza works entirely from your computer - even when disconnected from the internet, you can still encrypt files. This way, you know that absolutely nobody has gotten the chance to look at your sensitive data.

How safe is Scrambled Pizza? Short answer? Incredibly safe. Long answer? So safe that, even if every single computer in the world got together to try and crack your encryption, they'd need at least a century to do it, and in the worst case scenario, they might not finish it before the universe ends. The algorithms this program uses introduce an immensely large number of possibilities - a 300x300 pixel image takes as many attempts to crack as 4096-bit RSA, the leading industry encryption standard. As larger image sizes are used, more and more possibilities are introduced, and the color-changing algorithm employed by the program ensures that it's impossible to 'half-ass' the job - there are no workarounds.

But what if someone figures out your algorithm? Well, I hope they didn't spend too much time doing it, because they could've just looked it up - Scrambled Pizza is completely open source, and you can compile it yourself in any java IDE if you want. This is possible because the algorithm we use is designed to have no extra little features - the only way you can possibly decrypt an image is by entering the correct password, no backdoors and no secret traps. I wrote the damn thing, and I couldn't decrypt your images - only you can. That's a part of the beauty. Being open source also lets you know that what you're doing is safe - you know exactly what's running on your computer. You can look through the code - there's no "sendInfoToSecretDatabase()" or "takePersonalData()", only encryption.

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