Hi! My name is Adam Harvey, but you can call me Craftyatom, or just Crafty for short. I'm the creator of this website, among other things. I spent a lot of time early on in my life learning programming, but never really got into web development. Once in college, however, I decided that if I wanted my work to be accessible, it would have to reside on the web. As such, I set up a website to support my personal projects and advertise them to prospective employers - this is that website.

Regarding myself, I was born in Texas, raised in Pennsylvania, and then attended college at the University of Texas at Austin for a year before leaving and heading back up to PA with my family. After a few months back there, my family moved to Arizona, where I currently live.

I've worked in the software development industry for about a year as a "report writer" - initially, I was tasked with writing T-SQL queries that fetched data from the database and presented it to end users, but I soon moved into more of a Database Administrator role, tending to database health and fixing some of the (frankly ridiculous) problems that existed within the old schema. I loved the actual work, writing queries and handling massive amounts of data, but eventually left to go back to college.

I've had a knack for programming ever since I was young, and I realized early on that I wanted to spend my life working with computers, specifically in software creation. In recent years, however, I've also developed quite a fondness for the spaceflight industry, and so my current goal is to find a job writing software and/or firmware for a company in said industry.

If you're interested in contacting me for any reason, send an email to